Joel on Truth Claims

I see that I need to embrace the humility of acknowledging the reality of the limitations to my perseptions and frame my best thoughts in light of this.

“One does not justify a truth one demonstrates a warranty of the degree of his diligence.”

It’s becoming clearer.

We must assume to experience an objective, non-contradictory universe. By taking in more data, logically assembling it and then testing what it suggests, to extract further data and repeating the process we can refine our understanding to the maximum probability of [corresponence] with reality.

-Joel Davis
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Big T Truths, Axioms and Free Will: Tilting the World – Pt I

Doing the due diligence to be truthful could be the single greatest act one can undertake. Part 1: What is truth?

A moment ago I was speaking with Joel on Facebook. I remarked that we can never claim to know truth, but rather only claim to have done the due diligence to be truthful (this is a Doolittle Diddy by the way). Joel’s reply made solid points about truth claims and deduction from axioms. Continue reading